I just realized that we have just a month left before the back-to-school fever. Time passes so fast this summer. Well, I’m happy then, means that I will have no more heat days making me weak. That’s good.

On another note, I really do need to get on this portfolio thing. A girl contacted me to present some of my projects so she could show it to her associates, and I have no website putted together. Maybe I should take my week-off of my boyfriend and do the website. And also do the one for my father-in-law’s wife. She wants to have a website for their wedding, putting the pics they’ve got of the event. I really need to move my ass, fast!

And I can’t wait, 7 dodos before leaving for a week of vacations in the Lac-St-jean region. That’s going to be really cool.

It’s so hot these days..

I feel like shit. The heat is killing me slowly. And now, my throat hurts because I caught a cold. Don’t ask me how, I really don’t know. Must be the air conditioning everywhere, and the heat outside…hot/cold/hot/cold…will get me sick.

On another news…not a lot happened this week. Studying, and mostly passing all my week-end with my boyfriend because he leaves for his week of vacations. I’ll be trying to finish to study all of my stock before we leave in a week now. I really can’t wait for my vacations, we will be going to Lac-St-Jean (St-Félicien) for 5 days, and then a week-end at one of my friend’s chalet in the north (Lac Labelle).

It should be a busy start for the month of august. Oh, Jeremy, would a coffee this week before class (monday or wednesday) be cool? Tell me which coffee near Concordia and what time, and I should be there.

how lucky can I get?

I manage to find a course that will start July 31st at the university, and will go on for 3 weeks! AHSC 241: recreation and leisure in the contemporary society. Talk about luck. I’ll manage to gain back my full-time student status. Hope it will arrange itself this week and I’ll have my money for august, then. I will have to go to class in the morning, thought. 9am to 1pm. Oh well, anything to have my money back and not have this huge amount to give back to the loans and bursaries!

Ostie de prêts et bourses ? marde!

Yeah, I have some problems with my loans and bursaries. Again. Fucking assholes, because I cancelled a class before the limit date for refund, and because I am now part-time studying for the rest of the summer, the loans and bursaries have cut my money for the month of august. I have no money entering for the next month! o_O I really don’t know how I’ll manage that one…just the month when I was actually going in vacations with my boyfriend. Damn. Luckily, my boyfriend will pay for it and I’ll pay him back (he insists that I don’t have too, but I have an honor, damn it!). I really hate the loans and bursaries system. If I had cancelled my class after the limit date for refund, I would only be paying a penalty of 100$…not the 3000$ I now have to give them back! Shit. Why couldn’t nobody have told me that one at school or on their damn website…Anyway, now I have to live with this shit. I really hate them. I’ll have to postpone all my payments for the month of august. Not good. But I’ll have my money back by the end of august.

On another note, I had a good night with some friends yesterday. We just chat and blabl about anything, and it was a refreshing thing from my shitty day of bad news. I’m really lucky to have good friends like that.

Now, my next two weeks will be a sprint to finish all my readings and homeworks for school, as I’ll be taking a week of vacations in august, just before the finals. I really need to get out of town for a while, and I really plan to enjoy my days in the Lac-St-Jean region. After that, it’s studying for my two finals and planning some back-to-school party for all of my friends coming back to Montreal (Nik, Helenka, Mark, …). I really hope I’ll plan something cool.

a relax week incoming

yeah, I’ll have it relax this week. in history of post-confederation canada, the teacher has cut in our workload and readings, which is good. I mean, we really had a lot of stuff to do in a week (2 classes per week is just too much readings!), and I still have another class to do! anyway, I’ve already got my exam dates (18th august for history of china, and 23rd august for history of post-confederation canada), and I will take a week of vacations (7th to 14th august) with my boyfriend and some of our friends this year, so I’ll have to finish all my readings and homeworks by then!

so, it’s relax on the social life this week. a lot of my friends are working during week days, so I am alone most of the time. well, I’ll maybe take the time to plan that damn website/portfolio that I had in mind for a while then. and I have to do a website/photo gallery for the wedding of my father-in-law and his wife. It’s my gift to them.

since my adobe seminar last week, I am in need of doing some multimedia projects. I do have a diploma in that field, and maybe I should just keep up with it. I also have decided that I will try to work as a freelancer in the wondeful of multimedia/webdesign/web programming. Yup, I finally have decided that working in a company in that domain isn’t for me, and I want to be my own boss. My mother-in-law bought me a book when she was in Philadelphia, talking about how to start in the web domain as a freelancer. I will have to look more into this.

I have decided to reunite all in one website all of my accounts of blogs, images, portfolio, forums, etc…I want to plan something big, where I can expose my works, projects, homeworks and babblings. Myabe I should just move my ass and do it. But it’s so suny outside, and I haven’t take a sunbath yet! I should do just that now…

Up to my nice terrasse!

I fucking hate having migraines!!! Why do women have to suffer during their periods??? WHY?


I feel like cursing at someone right now…

Dropped a course…

FFAR 398s – Fundamentals of drawing and painting

I dropped it. I was so tight in my schedule, and as I was looking at my next two weeks of school/studies/social/activities, I just realized that I couldn’t afford close to 10 hours per week on a class and its homeworks that require so much of me, even if it is interesting! At first, I was looking at other classes, but then, I saw the amount of money that could be refunded for the drop class…I’m also tight in the money, so it was a welcoming thought when I decided to push the ‘Drop course’ button on myconcordia portal…I wished I could have dropped the course with the psycho-bitch instead, but I need it for my degree. Damn. And History of China, well, it’s too late to drop it, and I like it.
So, now, I’ll breathe easier for the rest of my summer.

Up so early!

It’s 8:30 and I’m already up since 7:30…I wanted to rise early, so I could study early too, and finally see a sunrise, a thing that I haven’t seen since…oh, a damn while! Having a ‘night owl’ as a boyfriend will make you behave like one. I do miss rising up early.

Now, as I’m blogging this, I’m sipping a nice cup of coffee and thinking about what I’ll do today. I guess history of Canada and history of China are on my plan. I’m surprised, I’m happy to study. The fact that I’m not working or don’t have such a busy social schedule does motivate me enough to do my homeworks and readings.

This week-end, I’ll be busy. A movie at Fantasia tomorrow night (A bittersweet life), a wedding saturday (father of my boyfriend remarrying), and the World cup of soccer sunday. I won’t have a lot of time to myself until sunday, since I’ll have to go and fetch my boyfriend’s suit, send some pics to him, study, see some friends tonight (since I’m going crazy when I see no one!!!) and prepare myself a nice dress for saturday. Argh, I really need to find a dress…

Oh, and Jeremy, we will have to go and take a coffee sometimes soon before classes, as you ditch the class with psycho-bitch crazy women. Now, I’m all alone in her class, and even if it is interesting and hilarious on some points, she’s still a demanding bitch, and I’m still alone in a class. 🙁 Anyway, just for the sake of meeting you (finally!), a coffee at JavaU next week could be fun.

dead on my feet…

yup, I am. Three classes right now for the summer semester II…it will kill me. I need to stick to my study schedule if I wanna have some time to party this summer.

ANyhow, my two new classes, history of post-confederation Canada and drawing/painting, seem fun. A lot of homeworks, but still fun and interesting.

The next two weeks are kinda busy (crazy!) for me…weddings, multimedia seminar, classes, homeworks, study time, boyfriend…Think I really need to sleep tonight, because I feel I will miss some hours the next few days…