HIST 205 – Canada post confederation

heh heh, I have already started reading my books for the next class starting monday July 3rd…my boyfriend is almost having an heart attack, as he doesn’t understand why I’m torturing myself by studying in advance, and my friends are all questioning my saniety. It’s funny! But, since I will have a busy summer, the most responsible thing to do is to take some advances in my classes and do my readings.

Mid-term grade…

Just receive my history of china mid-term grades… C+. WTF? I thought I studied hard…seems to me I forgot a lot between my study time and the exam. Oh well, I pass, that’s the essential. I’ll just have to study harder for the finals.

And I am still waiting for the religion class grade. Think it will take a week to have it.

I sick of being sick, damn it! Don’t ask me how I catch a cold in june, I really don’t know…anyway, I passed my week-end being feeble and lacking energy to do some stuff. Nice St-Jean to me! 😛

Last friday night there was a nice party at Babou’s place. It’s been a while since their last party at their house. Anyway, it was cool. Drinking, talking, amusing gossips and weird moments…a nice night.

I passed the rest of my week-end with my boyfriend. A nice, relaxing, quiet week-end. Watched some movies, made a nice supper, tried to go to the Mount-Royal during the St-Jean night (but there was too many cops there on the mountains, and they were restraining the access to the park and were prepared to arrest the people who would be making some trouble)…I haven’t had a relax week-end like this for a while. I also have a week off of school, no classes, nothing. Think I’ll take some advances in my history of China lessons (THANKS again, heather, it really helped me for the test!).

Anyway, it’s gonna be a relaxing week, studying, walking out, helping my boyfriend move in his new appartment, Laurence’s birthday, Zazou’s birthday… Think I’ll even try to catch some sun outside!


just read on Jeremy’s blog that we’ll be taking the same history of canada post confederation class at ConU next week…sweet!

Nothing better than a roadtrip to make me happy!

Yesterday, we were a small group to go to St-Hyacinthe, on the south shore of Montreal, to go see Oxtara and Les Ogres de Barback. Two nice groups playing at Le Zaricot. Both groups could be describe as a tzigane-happy-happy-joy-joy-frenchy music. Ok, I’m not very good at describing the musical style, but they were good. The bar was cool; we were drinking in a Giraff, a long cylindrical tube cointaining more and 3L of beer in it. It was a nice night.

When we rode back hope in my boyfriend best friend, Eric, car, we had the police arrest the car in Montreal. You see, Eric possesses a Blues Mobile. For every one who have seen the Blues Brothers movie and can remember the car they have, this is the same one Eric have. A black and white car that look like an old police car they had back in the 70s. Well, actually, everywhere Eric rode his car, there is always one police car arresting him to make sure it is his car. You have read right: the police arrests him to verify that this car is his. Seeing as they have no motif to give him a ticket, they let him go. But still! Actually, he has counted the number of times the police stopped him on the road during the last 3 years… 25 times. 25 times they make him stop and lose his time – and their, but they seem to have plenty of it to lose! – to make sure a young men of 24 really possess this car. Fucking shit, don’t they have nothing better to do? I still can’t believe this. It’s not even funny anymore. Eric is thinking selling his car now, so the police will stop harassing him on the road because he have a car that have “strange” colors on it.
It was refreshing to just get out of the big city for a while. I’m ashamed to say that I did enjoy St-Hyacinthe. A quiet city, and all the commodities of a city like Montreal were there. My boyfriend is falling in love with the city, and I must admit that I am charmed, too.

OMG! Now I’m stressing and almost crying…

My mid-term for history of China is coming next week, and I am starting to stress. I just read the 2 questions I will have to write about…and I almost hyperventilated. Almost. It just seems to be a pain in the ass. Here you can click this -> LINK <- to see the questions. Ok, the first one, I can manage. The second one…I have like no fucking clue. It's too vast. I really hate this type of exam.




Ok, the crying and panicking part is done. This next week will be a bitch for me, as I have 1 mid-term exam (June 20th), 1 in-class test (this thursday) and 1 final take-home exam (due somewhere in the next week and a half). I just realized that taking 4 classes this summer was maybe a dumb idea. Ok, it was a dumb idea, but the loans and bursaries wouldn't have given me the money if I didn't have 12 credits in my semester.

I will gladly accept all the party and invites for going out after June 20th, as before that, I will almost be dead to the world…damn it.


Answer it with your name

1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a colour that I associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your LJ/Blog

and here is the answer that my friend Sandy gave to me as I answered my name:

1. trop de maquillage 😉
2. d’endurer ta belle-mère ? 😛
3. rose !
4. ta franchise
5. c’est assurément ds le corridor du multimédia
6. une tigresse 😉
7. tu voudrais un moment donné essayer de me maquiller ? ( voir de quoi j’aurais l’air 😛 )

Now, I’ll answer it to anymore giving me his/her name…

the news of a summer student enjoying life!

heh heh! Sorry for this next, long post. I kinda forgot the last days to post something and now, I have a long post awaiting to be written down.

The last fews days went good and well. Nothing too exciting, nothing too bad happen. Everything was fine, actually. Not a lot of social activities to do, but it’s june, and everybody is in preparation of their july-august vacations, plans, activities, etc…planning. I have a feeling that my next two summer months will be busy and scheduled soon, so I should enjoy a relaxing month of June right now and just take some advances in my studies and plans.

Last night, we had a poker game at my house, and I must say I am impressed with myself. I’m getting good at this game, even if I still have some tricks to catch up with. I really do like this game, and having to decide if the other players are bluffing or not…kinda hard to deduce.

On the social activities, these last fews days were relaxing. No parties, nothing. Been to the Montreal Beer Festival last thursday and friday. I must say I prefer to go to the festival during week days, as in during the week-end, it is FULL! Too many people. I just realized that friday night that I’m really getting agoraphobic after 1 hour. Too many people in a small place make me want to kill the crowd and just become angry and violent. Not good.

Went to the cinema last week to see X-Men 3. I like it. Nothing more, nothing less. It was just ok and a good entertainment for the two hours.

What else, what else? Oh, finally, I will not work this summer, or the next two years while I’m studying. Why? Loans and bursaries, baby! I will receive so many cash from them…it’s just crazy! I don’t see the point in working myself sick and having less time to study if I have a good substancial payment each month in my bank account. Yeah, i know, I will have to repay it after school is finish, but the amount of bursary I receive from them is just so much, I can keep a part of it and repay each year my loan and still have lots of money to pay my things and school. Life is getting good for me, finally! Now, no more financial worries for me…at least for a while!

Now, I have a list of things and plans I have for this summer. I’ll enumerate it here:

  • drawing of the Arrow plane for François
  • drawing of my character and my comic novel (one day, I will have to do it!)
  • webdesign of my portfolio
  • new webdesign of my blog
  • relearning programmation: javascript, dom, ajax, dhtml, xhtml, css, actionscript2, lingo, ruby, php, asp
  • drawing and painting!
  • comic strips of our schooldays with Daniel
  • reading tons of my books I haven’t read yet!

Those are only what I want to do during summer! Arghhh, why is it so short?