After a nice vacation times…

I’m back online. A bit tired, because I had a nice improvised party last saturday night where I was drunk and sick! Anyway, It’s back to the reality for me: with school (I am soooooo behind in my courses!), work (some asshole has took my desk and computer at the office, so I had to change place and reinstall everything again! arghhh) and life in general (couple of party and nights out planed for the next week…). I am feelin better, and the fact that we are closer to the end of winter and the month of March does lift my spirit a bit.

During my vacations, I had some interesting nights with my friends. Daniel’s birthday party was cool, except at the end, when some uncivilized ‘baboons’ joined us in the weeee morning hours at Dan’s place…some chick and a dude appeared after their monstrous beer contest at their cégep, and they were so drunk…stupid…whatever. They just stopped the party and we went home. But before their arrival, it was? quite nice.

Last saturday night, I was soooooo passed out. Been playing drinking games…Guess my age is finally getting me around, because I can’t tolerate the same amount of alcohol as 5 years before. I am getting old, ladies and gentleman! It is now the time where I should began thinking about my health and body more. *sigh* That would mean the damn anti-cholesterol diet to follow for once…arghhh.

Yup, those vacations were mostly passed doing…nothing. It was good, for once, procrastinating. Now, I should move my ass and work. Guess i’ll update later.

Update on me

So sorry. A week has passed since my last update. Guess I have forgotten about my blog for a while.

A lot of actions happenned during that week. And a lot too will happen during the next one, as it will be the ‘reading week’ *cough cough* vacations! *cough cough*.

This week, I happened to live the best Valentine’s day ever. Not that I prone this day, as I found it too ‘Hallmark’ holiday, but it was a nice night with my boyfriend. We had our tango class that night, and we managed to start cool new moves. Joy! And we have decided to take the tango class II this spring. I can’t contain my joy to know I will be able to dance more with my boyfriend! I just love it.

As for school. Well, I had a meeting this week with the advisor for the urban studies department. I learned that I had to wait for the first week of May before I could do my application for this second major in my program, but it helped me clarify some questions and interrogations I had about the program. I was also happy with myself. The advisor, after the meeting, told me he found me articulated, and I seemed to know what I want to do in my life, how I plan to do it and how I was able to go and get the informations I needed to do it. It gave me a boost to my mood. He told me when I would come in May, he would remember me for the admissions. Now, I have a nice reason to study harder. I really want to go in this program. I will apply for the Specialization in Urban Planning, and if I’m refused because my grades weren’t enough, I’ll apply for the major. I’ll stay in history, but depending of which program i’m in, it will be a specialization or a major. I really can’t wait for May to arrive and finally know.

Next week, I’ll be busy. I have a lot of things to do for work and school. Papers, assignments, exams to prepare; design for some websites to do. I also plan to redo the design of my blog. And I plan to go out a bit with my friends. I’m bored, my social life has been lacking that…social. I have to change that.

Now, I’ll go in a nice long bath. And study hard after. Hope the snowy weather outside my window will inspire me!

News of a deadly ghost

…or how the mid-term are slowly killing me.


So many readings, so many homeworks and exam, so little time! I am just so busy trying to do my stuff right now. I also have a lot of projects and readings for my work to do, as I don’t have time enough to do all my websites, designing and stuff.


Tomorrow night (or tonight, as it is past midnight) , i’ll have my tango class. 4 out of 10. already. It’s getting good, my boyfriend and I are getting actually good at it, and I learn to trust him. Which his hard for me, the leader in me always fighting for dominance. Anyway…

Friday night, we go to the theater go see Le malade imaginaire at the TNM, It is reported to be good. Hope so, because the last two pieces sucked.

Saturday night, i’ll finally see Nochnoi Dozor, and probably Day watch too. A russian epic dark fantasy trilogy, and look at the first two films of the trilogy. Can’t wait. And sunday night, it’s poker night. Again.

I’ll be pretty busy this week-end, so I guess I won,t post a lot. But who knows…

Oh, and I’m feeling really well. Major chat with my boyfriend, major discussion about our couplelife, and pretty much everything is said about it. We,re happy, and going stronger. Let’s hpe for no shit for a long time, please, because I now have my family to face. GRRRRR!