After the rain and the snowstorm…

So many things to update…

First of all, I had my first tango class this week with my boyfriend. Man do I have problems to trust him as a partner for the dance. I always seem to take the leadership in the dance, which is not good. We have learned that tango is a dance that need the partners to listen to each other’s movements and body signals, and trust your partner. Guess I’ll have to work on that now.

I’m feeling proud of myself. I have done all of my weekly readings, starting my next week readings and I’ll take some advances in my assignment for history of modern Europe. I also have the OK on my idea of research for the term in the same course. The teacher thought it was a good ideé and that I should research it. Now, if people want to read it, they’ll have to go check in the page of the course, and ask for the password, because it will be password-protected!

This month is witness to its weirdest weather in Montréal. Normally, January is the month of big snowstorms. I am habituated to a lot of snow, and sunny and cold winter days. But actually, we had another episode of ‘verglas’ (cold rainy-snowy shitty weather) where all our sidewalks were skating rings and the traffic was ugly and dangerous. There is one thing I now hate more that baby-boomers: bad drivers with no class and driving at fast speed. I mean, the number of people I saw splashed by the cars…drivers are not civil to the walkers anymore. I hate cars. More and more everyday…

Holy Fucking Shit! People, you must see this!

You have to open your command prompt in your Windows Start menu (Start->All Programs->Accesories->Command Prompt) and type telnet in it. A nice surprise will appear! So much fun!

I dropped my course FFAZ-398J: art, sciences and technologies: from Leonardo da Vinci to the virtual reality. It really seems to sucks. Hard time. Instead, I registered to the course RELZ-216: encountering world religions. Much more fascinating. And it will be online. Woupdidou!

Edit: i finally decided to only take 4 courses this semester. I’m going to keep the religion course for this summer. Yeah!

I have updated the sections for each of my courses this semester. Feedbacks on it, and some comments and thoughts about my first lectures for my courses. Enjoy!

Update on my courses

so, after my first 3 days of school, I can already tell it will be hell for this new semester. Hell, but fun. I really think I will enjoy the courses, but find it hard. Work hard, too.

Studies of architecture: the Castles of Europe – the teacher, Jean Bélisle, is really cool and funny. He really enjoy the subject, it should be fun. I already have a potential idea for my research paper, I will have to see if he agrees on it.

Art, science and technologies – the teacher managed to make me fall asleep! o_O I just can’t believe it…on the first course! That should be promising for the rest of the semester 😛 The subject seems cool, it’s about the interactions between sciences and technologies with art, how the artists used these to create and produced masterpieces, from Leonardo da Vinci until today. Hard, too.

History of modern Europe – really cool and promising, same teacher as the last semester. She’s cute too.

History of Modern Middle East – the teacher really have a high-pitched voice, but she’s cool.

Ancient Near East – first of all, it should have been called Ancient Iraq. But, actually, at first I was deceived by this. But then, when I realized I was going to study all the Anciet Egyptians’ enemies, it kinda changed to excitement and joy. It also should be a nice and promising course.

Of course, I shall post my weekly notes, papers and thoughts of the courses on this website. Each course has its section, so people will be able to read it. Have fun.

Already reality…

Damn, it’s already back to school tomorrow for me. I just don’t want to. Ok, I also don’t want to work full-time right now at my job, so I guess I will stay at school for a while 😛

Anyway, my holidays were…deceiving. A bit. The nights out of my house in my boyfriend’s family were boring, I didn’t enjoyed it really. At least, I was with my boyfriend, a lot. I just miss him already, and I’m scared that we won’t spend some time together because we are both really busy. I know, I know, we should just make some time for each other. I guess the tango class that he gave me for christmas will give us some nights together.

I have rearrange my website a bit. Add some pages for my courses’ notes, papers and thoughts on each of them. Hope the people will like it.