News of myself

Well, Christmas is passed, yeahhhhh! It really sucked this year. The gifts sucked, given by people who does not really care about me. Except 2. My mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate at Archambault (I hate those big surfaced-stores, but that mean more books in my library for me!), and my wonderful boyfriend have gave me…a lesson course in Tango! Yes. We are going to take some tango dance lessons next semester. I am just so happy and dancing and jumping everywhere!!!
Now, I’m in the mood for the New Year’s Eve, thought. Our friends are coming at my house, we are going to be a small bunch (15, maybe more), and I will do my Lac-St-Jean tradiotional meatpie that I used to prepare with my grand-mother when I was young. Sigh, I miss her.
I already have some of my books for the new semester coming, maybe I should start reading them. Now.

I’m in vacationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns!
I just couldn’t wait for the end of it. My grades will sucks…but I don,t care. I survived. I think for now, that’s what is more important. And I’ll be more prepared for the next semester.
Still, I do have a lot to do during my vacations. But it’s nothing compare to the sweetness of the “no school” words in my ears. I’m just so happy!

I’m soooo tired…

It’s Christmas time again, coming as every year it comes. There is only 1 thing I like: it is to go walk in Montreal’s downtown and to see the christmas lights on the houses and their decorations. I don’t know, every year, a huge depression gets me the chill down my back, and I just don’t feel like party-ing and enjoying the vacations with anyone. I feel alone, cold and numb. I know it’s only a phase, but I know that one day, it will not go away…sigh, can’t wait for january!
The end of semester is a huge stress on me also. Not the exams, really. It’s all the papers I had to do, the readings I haven’t done, etc. I did my observations of the last semester, and I now know that I will have to study a lot more and be more serious about my courses. I just don’t like the feeling that all my time is already booked for the next semester, what with the courses, homeworks, readings, work, seeing my boyfriend, my friends, etc…I hate how time flies by so fast, and I just don’t seem to have the time to do anything.
Oh, well, nothing like some good vacations that will lift up my spirit again. They just don’t seem to arrive fast enough this year!

Update since a while…

for all the few readings out there, hello!
I haven’t post in a while. Been studying, or trying to, all week. Anyway, it’s almost done, and I can’t wait for the vacations! 8 days…and counting!
Last night, there was a nice party at my house. I’ll post the pictures in a bit, but, yeah, really nice party! Derek was so passed out, and there was a lot of people. I like it. My kodak kinda have weird pictures on it, because I let lots of people taking some on it. It was nice.
Now, I have to study again, for the exam tomorrow. Just can’t wait till the vacations…

here are the pics and the famous video! đŸ˜€
Famous Video

For my vacations…

A list of stuff I plan to do (will I really do those things? I wonder…) during my 2 weeks of vacations:

  • Redoing my website! More stuff, my portfolio online, etc etc…
  • Reading 4 books for the job: The Zen of CSS garden, PHP 5: power programming, Essential ActionScript 2 and PHP: the essential learning. Since I have to relearn all my programming style and stuff, I’ll do it the good way.
  • Starting reading my books for the next semester: I’ve already bought my books for History of modern Europe!
  • Help Daniel learns programming correctly and redo his website also!
  • Starting my drawing and painting portfolio for the entrance in the major in drawings and paintings in the Fine Arts faculty
  • Party-ing!
  • Walking a fucking lot in my town and taking pictures!
  • Write and study a bit about english grammar and verbs

That’s pretty much it. Can’t wait December 20th!

Damn the end of semester…

I hate the end of semesters! A rush in studying, working and doing some homeworks, all together…urgh! can’t wait for the christmas vacations. I’m so tired, and demotivated. Well, once I’ll give back all my homeworks, it will only be studying, and I don’t really mind reading a book and making a summary for the test. No, really, it’s the texts I have to do that bothers me. I never seem to have the inspiration this semester, and I was late on my readings – yeah, it’s my bad here – but i’ll know for the next semester. University is really harder then I thought on the studying schedule, but lucky me, i’m still passionate about my subject. Yeah!
So, to motivate me to finish my homeworks and readings for the exams, here’s the list of stuff I still got to do:

  • 1 final paper for History of India, and I think i’ll take a shot on this question: How important was Gandhi in fashioning thepolitics of the sub-continent? It seems pretty easy, and it’s the only question right now I understand of all four…
  • 1 – really late! – paper on the Punjab province in India. Just 25% off for the retard on it.
  • 1 exam for history of europe until 1789 December 12th
  • 1 exam for classical archaeology December 19th
  • 1 exam for history of middle east until 1500 December 20th

After that, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of school! Can’t wait.

SoirĂ©e UFP ? la MaisonnĂ©e…

Ce fut merveilleux. Une magnifique soirĂ©e, tout le monde a rit, bu, eu du plaisir. Les chanteurs – Jean-François Lessard et Marco Calliari – Ă©taient merveilleux et excellllllent! J’ai adorĂ©.
Si vous cliquez ICI, vous pourrez downloader les photos et vous rappeller des bons souvenirs de la soirée!

A question and answer thingy…

Because it was asked in such a polite manner (beggings from Jeremy! đŸ˜› )

When was the last time you did something you would consider courteous, what was it, and who was it for?
seriously, i can’t think of something right now of courteous. Oh, wait…shit. No. can’t think of something. Oh, I let a child take my place in the bus today (a kid of 5 years old with his mommy!) instead of an old lady…well, the lady was still able to hold on, but damn, was she piss at the kid who took the place.

If you were to have a painting done of you alone, what would you want the background to be?
I’d be at the Chalet on top of the Mont-Royal mountain, looking at the view of downtown MontrĂ©al. That’s a nice backgound.

Describe your voice.
Too high, kid style. *shudders* I hate my voice. Except when I’m sick with a cold…I have a deep sexy voice… I like it when I’m sick!

Main Course

What is something you would like to do, but you’re afraid of the risk(s)?
Really? finding a way to travel in time…but sciences is such a pain in the ass, and I’m too lazy to work on it!
But normally, I’M not really afraid to do something. Oh, yeah, eat the insects at the Insectarium’s degustation. Yuck…I’m scared the insects will still be alive and in my belly! o_O

What was the last television show you watched?
Humm…Tout le monde en parle…last week-end? That’s mostly the only thing I watch once in a while…oh no! the news at radio-canada french