SUV taxes and tickets

Sorry if the link is in french, but I just had to show this to the readers. A new law will be pass, that will forbid a car’s motors turning more than 3 minutes if it’s not in use, or else a nice ticket will be given to the owner of the car. I like this law. Finally, no more pollution on that part!

On a sunny day like this sunday…

I’ve been happy, and a bit pensive. I’ve managed to work and corrected a lot of my Inquisition essay (which need 3 pages more to be finish!). And then, when I checked on my bank acocunt at my break, I realized I’ve had a lot of money to spend!
So, here’s the list of things I’ve bought on ThinkGeek today and that I should expect this week:

  • a binary developper blanket, with a pillow assorted with
  • a pirate coffee mug. Arghhhhh!
  • a travelling coffee mug with the caffeine molecule on it
  • a “Geek is Sexy” t-shirt
  • a “No I will not fix your computer” t-shirt
  • a duct tape wallet for a friend

I just can’t wait to receive those!
And tomorrow (or this morning as I wrote those lines), I’ll go shoping with Lorien. I have to look for some gifts for my boyfriend and my mother-in-law. My boyfriend, well, it will be easy to find something. But my mother-in-law…argh! I just can’t think of anything. Anyone can help? What do we offer to oru mother-in-law who have everything and have distinguished tastes in europeans stuffs and lifestyle?

Last night

Yesterday was a big day. After a mere 3 hours of sleep, I went to work for a shift of 7 hours, then had a night at Lorien and Guillaume’s place, where we had to do some paintings on their living room huge wall. It would have been cool, if some of Guillaume’s friends weren’t there. Probably most of our friends didn’t like them, and to be frank, me neither. I do have a huge age-range of friends, but those one were minors. As in, under 18. And I had to check some of them so they wouldn’t touch our alcohol… damn minors.
Anyway, there was two who seem ok, but I didn’t spent a lot of time talking to them. The guys were really ok. Not like the girls who were ignoring us, and when we tried to be polite and talk with them, just ignored us or told us to just fuck off. Oh well, I did tried once in my life to be polite with them.
Next time, I’ll just be my bitchy, moody self. They’ll have a real reason to hate me. heh heh

And here it goes…

Less than 2 weeks till the end of classes. 4 papers to go, 3 exams during december… the stress is rising. I hate this. Why do they make it that hard? Don’t we have enough just with the exams, do they really have to had the papers in it??? Argh…
I’m going back to my paper…

I’m such a lazy ass demotivated!

That’s how I feel today…well, the entire fall this year. I mean, I don’t want to concentrate on my homeworks, I just don’t want to do them, and I have a hard time ajusting to the lack of social life as I has before in my life. Well, I promise myself, next semester, I’ll work hard, and next summer, I’ll take a full-time course pack so I could enjoy a second year full of social and less of school.
Now, I have to go back to my inquisition paper…yuck.

Tuesday afternoon…

and it’s snowing! Yeah!!!! I’m happy, I’m sitting in front of my window at my desk, printing some stuff to read on the Spanish Inquisition, and it’s snowing outside! *Sigh* It’s getting me nostalgic, when I was a kid and used to pass my entire days watching the christmas tree, the lights outside and the snow…I really hope we’ll have a feet of snow for christmas this year, or I will really declare that Christmas in town sucks!

Poker night!

So, I have lost all my money last night…but I was able to look at the strategies everybody used when they play. Next time, I’ll be able to tough it a little longer.
Today, well, it’s study group, and Nicole, Dan and me will try to study our stuff. How well will it go, I don’t know…

On a sunday night

I’m actually eager to study tonight. And I leave for a poker night in 30 minutes. Go figures. This cravings for reading and studying always happen as I am soon leaving for some place. *Sigh*.
Anyway, I’ve read a little bit today on the courtly life and culture in Middle-East in the Middle Ages. Quite interesting to see that arab men were very fond of poetry and music, and the architectural building and construction was mostly religious, except in Spain with the Moors where it mostly serve to the court palace.
Quite interesting indeed!
And I’m now off to the poker night at my friend Christian’s house. And then, back early at home to study a bit more. Yippee!

Update 19 nov

I should be studying and writing those damn papers. But, like always, not motivated! Anyway, I’ll try to study today, since my boyfriend cancelled our night together for a boxing night *sigh*. That is the only positive point I see actually in this, and I was so pissed, in a way. But he told me he had many nights off next week, so I’ll try to see him then (hoping there won’t be another reason or thing cancelling it at the last minute…again! God I’m getting tired of this).
Last night was Frank, Antares and Veronika’s birthday party, and we celebrate all three’s together. With all the exams and papers coming right now, that was a good idea. Been too an excellent peruvian restaurant in Verdun, and to the Ste. Elizabeth’s Pub afterwards. It was a quiet, good relaxing night out with friends.
Right now, I’m trying to ignore al the people who actually saw the Goblet of Fire movie, because I’ll wait till the end of my courses, December 6th, to go and see the movie. I’m so busy, I can’t reallylost a night to watch that movie. It’ll be a nice end-of-semester’s gift to myself.

Concentration, where are you?

I have a big exam tomorrow, and I can’t seem to concentrate. There is always something more cool to do, something more fun. My website, Livejournal, some websites, chatting, reading other stuffs than schoolbooks…I just don’t want to study, it seems. But I have, I have engaged myself in a hard program that require my intellect, concentration and time.
I think I need a swift kick in the butt!

Edit: Ok, I have less than a month less of school…let’s get motivated on THIS note!