Update 31 octobre

Youppi! It’s Halloween. And what will I do on this beautiful day of spook and horror? Study! Damn it…
I didn’t finish an essay that is due today, I didn’t start a research paper that is due thursday. Argh, quite a busy week in perspective. Tomorrow night, I have a theater show to go see with my boyfriend, his mother and some friends of the family, thursday night there’s a show for Project Montréal, a municipal party that I really begin to like for their environnemental and social issues they cover. The site is in english, french AND spanish. Mexicans, you can read it! 😛
TOnight, I’m suppose to go walk in my neighborough with some Concordians (Nicole, Antares, Veronika, Mark, etc…) and some friends, but I still didn’t have news from the Mexicans. I hate waiting.
Anywa, it’s been a cool week-end. Many party, lots of beer and alcohol, lots of pleasure and fun.

Update 23 octobre

Been a weird week. Finally, I didn’t quit my job…yet! Guess I’ll just take a 2-3 weeks off so I can take an advance for my courses studies and homeworks. I need cash to continue to party with my friends.
On my courses, I’m waiting for my mid-term’s grades. I’m anxious, actually. I didn,t study a lot like I thought I’d be doing. Oh, well, still the end of semester exams to look up and perform.

Update 17 octobre

damn! I have an exam tonight, and I haven’t studied a lot. Just read the chapters once or twice, but couldn’t concentrate a lot. I really hate the course. Classical Archaeology. Boring! But, I guess with my marvelous brain and my luck at bullshitting stuffs, I’ll get a nice D+. That’s the grade I’ll try to achieve for this course, if I have more, I’ll just be too happy and do the Dance of Joy! Yeah!
On another note, I quit my job. I’m stressing for the end of the semester, all the exams and homeworks and researchs I have to do…So much, so little time! Arghhhh.
So, that’s pretty much it for right now. I’ll post more later.

Update 14 oct.

I hate mid-term! Too many homeworks, too many exams. I’m stressed at my job because a big event is coming at the end of the month and everybody want everything right now, never happy with the stuff I do, etc.
On my social side, it’s not better. Not a lot of party, a boyfriend a little bit busy (but I can cope, I’m happy he’s doing something quite cool he likes). I just can’t cope for a long time now. Just can’t wait for Christmas break!