Update 26 septembre

Je sais pas si c’est mes hormones, le stress ou des insécurités intérieurs refoulées depuis lonnnngtemps, mais ces temps-ci, je ne me sens pas trop bien. J’ai parfois envie de pleurer, comme ça, bêtement.
Sur une autre note, je n’étudies pas assez pour mes cours, je trouve. Aujourd’hui, j’avais un examen qui valait pour 15% de ma session, et j’avais de la misère ? me souvenir des villes ou endroits d’origine de certaines oeuvres. Bon, au moins,j’ai pu mettre beaucoup de détails sur leur caractéristiques, leurs fonctions, etc. Mais bon, ça m’énerve beaucoup l’université, j’imagine.
Le week-end passé, j’ai eu un party intéressant chez des amis. Pleins d’étudiants étrangers y étaient présents, et ce fut plaisant. Et pour une fois, c’est mon chum qui était saoul mort. Pas moi.
Bon, semaine chargée en vue. Études, école, sorties et travail. La joie! *sarcasme*

Update of September 13th

So, a week have past. University is, surprisingly, a lot like the c�gep right now. Some teachers are cool, others are not. History of Europe and History of Quebec seem ok, but my teachers in India and Middle East… Ouch! One is just plain boring and the other one reads her notes! I could do a better job not going to the course and reading the stuffs from my books. Classical archaeology is…quite stressful! My teacher is talking a lot and fast. For the first course, i took 10 pages of notes. Argh.
Anyway, there was a party last week-end. I invited my friends from Concordia and my french-speaking friends. Surprisingly, they mixed well. And there was even a couple making out on my terrasse (I won’t tell who…anyhow, nobody know!). It was fun.
Next week-end, Mad Hatter with lots of friends. Can’t wait!

First Week at ConU

Well, now ended my first week at Concordia University. It was cool. My courses all seem interesting, and I am loaded with homeworks and studies. I just can’t believe it. Everybody told me that university was a lot of studying, but, hey!, I didn’t expected that! o_O
Anyway, back to my history of Quebec.

Frosh time 2005

What can I say? Booooringgggg. It was boring. I had better initations in CEGEP than at university. But, I’ve made friends with cool peoples, so it’s ok.
Anyway, I’ve been to my first day of courses today. My first course was cancelled, and my second look quite easy. History of India, and my final paper is a 4-5 pages of research about a certain province of India. Easy! I just laugh in class cause it was fucking easy, and I already got the books and informations needed to do my research about Punjab, a province of India.
Now, can’t wait for my next day. If they’re all going to be pretty easy like this one…!